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Photoluminescent tapes
Photoluminescent tapes

AUTOGLO is a modern and novel entrant in the field of illumination of Emergency EXIT/ FIRE EXIT Signs that mark the life saving EXIT / WAYFINDING paths for Emergency Evacuation, General Safety and Caution Warning in public buildings, hospitals, factories, auditoriums, theatres, hotels, subways, motels, banks, garages, offices, schools, restaurants, ships, aircrafts, warehouse, powerplants, etc., in the event of power failure, more so when there is a calamitious fire-outbreak.

When accidents and power outages lead to sudden black-outs, even normally familiar surroundings turn into unknown hostile terrain, leading to sheer panic and confusion as escape routes are no longer visible. Fire extinguishers, fuse boxes, valves and other important equipment cannot be located. With each precious second lost, sheer panic turns to stampede and the risk to life increases manifold.

What is AUTOGLO ?
AUTOGLO is in essence a photoluminescent material which emits a clear and visible glow when there is power failure. This material requires no battery-power or any other triggering source for emission of the glow. In view of this, it is one-hundred percent safe and does not involve any heat, flame, electric shocks or pollution. Upon exposure to light, natural or artificial, this photoluminescent material absorbs and stores light energy and then in the absence of light, this captivated light is released to give off a luminous glow by its non-toxic chemical.
It requires no external or internal wiring/electric supply. It is Water-proof, Explosion- proof, Corrision proof, Mold proof, Vapour-proof, and fire retardent (In case of Metal Signs). They have long life and no maintenance is required.

Why AUTOGLO is required?
AUTOGLO directional signage systems can help users to orient themselves, locate exits in the event of emergency evacuation in conditions of total darkness or reduced light due to smoke because of its
Glow In The Dark properties. When the source of light suddenly goes off, photoluminescent materials glow strongly. After an initial decline in brightness, the glow settles to a near continual intensity. A positive life-saver during the evacuation of buildings, in the case of fire or other such emergencies.
The importance of wayfinding systems has been emphasised in recent years by situations such as the London Underground fire disaster, the Scandinavian Star ferry tragedy and the World Trade Centre terror-bombing.

   The products of AUTOGLO are:
Photoluminescent signages SIGNAGES
: AUTOGLO SIGNAGES such as FIRE EXIT / EXIT, GUIDE LIGHTS / SAFETY LIGHTS / COMMUNITY SIGNS etc. Signages are available in PVC and also in Metal. Metal Signages are fire retardent and mostly used in ships, aircrafts, power plants, etc.
Photoluminescent tapes TAPES
: A wide choice of AUTOGLO photoluminescent self-adhesive warning and safety tapes,including anti-slip applications are available. These come of use for marking escape routes, floors or walls, dangerous equipments and obstacles, stairs and landings.
Photoluminescent paints PAINT
: AUTOGLO photoluminescent paints are durable and hardwearing. These are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications since they are highly resistant to chemicals and salt-water. The photoluminescent paint system may be brushed, rolled or sprayed on the prepared Surfaces.
Photoluminescent route markers ROUTE MARKERS
: A whole range of AUTOGLO photoluminescent route markings are available that can provide clear and visible directional guidance to an EXIT or other place of safety.
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