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AUTOPRO UPS System a reliable Partner in the office electrical characteristics

HF series online UPS System from Professional Lighting Pvt. Ltd. are becoming more and more popular as an power conditioning equipment in large computing enviornments. AUTOPRO UPS Systems are built with latest technology that results in higher efficiency and minimum downtime.

Dual Conversion technology constantly converts incoming AC to filtered DC power before it is inverted back to frequency controlled AC power. The higher efficiency of AUTOPRO Inverter ensures that the losses are very low during operation. This dual technology is highly appreciated in large computer system setups.

Multiple SPWM Technology results in higher electrical efficiency. This reduces considerable power bills. Moreover the load on power lines in the establishment reduces thereby eliminating line drops, conductor heating etc.

Professional Lighting Pvt. Ltd. uses latest semiconductor components, and high quality magnetic transformers that results in low losses during power conversion. The efficiency of the whole system is improved.

As recommended by leading computer consultant, the output waveform of AUTOPRO UPS System is pure sinusoidal with less than 3% distortion even at full load.

All the UPS Systems are tropicalized for Indian line conditions.
Simple Straight forward and elegantly designed front panel layout makes the unit easy to operate and observe the status of the UPS System.

2 to 5 KVA 5 to 7.5 KVA 7.5 to 15 KVA 15 to 30 KVA
input                    1                              3
phase(0)                    230 VAC 15%                    415 VAC 15%
voltage (VAC)                       50 Hz 5%
phase ()                    1
voltage (VAC)                    230 VAC 1%
frequency                    50 Hz 0.5%
distortion (THD)              less than 3% with linear load
noise level                   less than 45 dB
crest factor                    3:1
operating power factor                  unity to 0.8 lag
overload rating 120% load for 30min., 150% load for 10sec., 200% load for  5sec
bypass        manual bypass, static bypass (optional)
computer interface                  RD 232 (optional)
voltage              60 VDC/ 120 VDC/ 240 VDC
type                 lead acid / tubular / SMF
charger                   float cum boost type
charging current                  10% AH of the battery
ups shutdown  
 a) mains fail b) overload c) output short circuit
d) batt. high e) output high
audible alarm                   for all protection trip.
  • textile industries
  • bank & finacial institutions
  • information technologies
  • computer educational institutes
  • airlines
  • hospitals
  • defense
  • communication systems
  • manufacturing
  • nuclear power
  • pharmaceutical industries
  • radio stations
  • railways
  • hotels
  • stock exchanges
Professional Lighting Pvt. Ltd. has excellent track record and have always committed to innovation. Constant research in technology and striving for continuous improvement in quality has enabled the company to earn fine reputation for its products. Professional Lighting Pvt. Ltd. also into diverse allied products that include Sinewave Inverters, Power Inverters, Solar PV systems, Battery Charges, Static Voltage, Emergency Light Systems, Conversion Kits, Stabilizers. Professional Lighting Pvt. Ltd. maintains international quality standards in manufacturing. The company maintains a team of qualified service engineers. This ensures lowest MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).
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