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ACE Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers (ACE SCVS)
ACE Stabilizers are high speed, servo controlled, automatic, solid sate Voltage Stabilizers for use with equipments that is sensitive to fluctuation in lone voltage. Servo controlled voltage stabilizers are extremely efficient stabilizers which meet the requirements of the majority of voltage control problems. Enhanced features offered by these stabilizers include virtually no waveform distortation. Wide frequency range, very low internal impedance and efficiency better that 95%. The rated accuracy of the output voltage is 1% all variations of line voltage or load current within the limits specified. ACE voltage stabilizers are insensitive to the magnitude and power factor of the load and do not effect the system power factor.

Ruggedly designed ACE voltage stabilizers are housed in small, compact cabinets with a sophisticated outlook to match your office equipments. A built-in-Voltmeter a high resolution allow you to measure both the input and output Voltages. Since there are no relays present, the operation is extremely smooth an quiet.

SERVO CONTROLLED VOLTAGE STABILIZERS are most widely used for : Computers, Word Processors, Electronic Typewriters, Photocopiers, Laboratories, Communication, Process Controlled Equipments, Photography, Printing, Typesetting, CNC Machines, Fax Machines, EPABX, Telecommunications.
  Fast Correction Rate
  Wide Frequency   Range
  Low Internal   Impedance
  Zero Waveform   Distortion
  Wide Input Voltage   Range
  Trip Facility
  Solid State Voltage Sensing Circuit Using ICS
  Auto/Manual Operation Facility above 2 KVA   only
  Output Independent of Load Value and   power factor
Automatic operation using A. C. Synchronous motor with no Carbon brushes, no wear & tear, life long operation, spike protection, fast correction rate, A. C. fuse protection, under/over voltage trip facility with reset push button.
We offer two types of three phase systems :
1) Un-Balanced load & 2) Balanced load
In situation where the three phase-to-neutral voltages vary without equality to each other, each phase will have to be corrected independently and this will require three single phase stabilizers connected in star, one for each phase between neutral and phase wire. However in standard BALANCED LOAD versions, only one of the three phases is monitored for error and necessary correction is effective for all three phases for monitoring. The volt-meter also has a 6 position rotary switch that shows input and output voltages of any of the three phases.
1) Input Voltage Range (Single Phase) 170-270 V (or as per your requirements)
2) Output Voltage 230 V 1%
3) Input Voltage Range (Three Phase) 300 V - 460 V
4) Output Voltage 380 V / 400 V / 415 V
5) Regulation 1% load and line regulation
6) Efficiency Over 95%
7) Regulation against load 1% from no load to full load
8) Waveform distortion of the output introduced by stabilizer Nil
9) Effect of supply frequency variation 46 to 53 Hz Nil
10) Effect of Power Factor of the load on O/P Voltage Nil
11) Response Time 30V / Sec
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