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Electronic Inverters
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Electrical power is the basic need of our modern life. Interruption in power even for a short time creates inconvenience and confusion. This calls for an immediate alternative power source. AUTOPRO has introduced an eco-friendly electrically controlled Emergency Power Generator which overcomes power interruptions automatically by switching ON instantly. When the mains power returnes, it switches over and recharges the battery simultaneously. Unlike portable gensets its noiseless, pollution-free and so compact that you can use it anywhere.

  • Useful for lights, fans, electronic typewriter, communication equipments, mini to medium exchanges, rural telephone exchanges, solar applications, etc.
  • A must for operation theatres / surgical instruments / security lighting / emergency lighting.
  • Convenient for outdoor works where AC power is required for lighting or for AC power tools.
    With AUTOPRO enjoy TV, VCR, computers, music, enjoy cool breeze from electric fan, cold drinks from cooler, refrigerator, etc.
  • A must for leisure, outdoor life, sporting, touring where no AC power supply is available.
  • Camping, yatching, fishing, hunting, open-field party, etc. On the seaside, lakeside, openair, mountains, etc.
  • A convenient AC power supply that can be used wherever and whenever you want.
  • AUTOPRO converts your 12-V single or multiple storage batteries into powerful 230-volts AC electric power source.
  • Solid state, automatic, instant, compact and light weight.
  • Reliable and economical, low cost performance as no fuel is required.
  • Simple and easy to handle.
  • Rugged case, easy maintenance, noise-free, pollution-free, autostart.
  • Operates with any type of storage batteries used for automobiles, trucks, trailers, motorboats, aircraft, yachts, etc.
  • Designed for heavy duty operation - specially suited for tropical climate.
  • Operates with sealed batteries also.
  • Protection against shortcircuit, overload, battery over-charge and over-discharge, ie ensured.
  • Ideally suited for indoor installations.
  • Available in wide range.
These features of AUTOPRO Electronic Generators make them ideal power source for offices, banks, hotels, hospitals, shops, godowns, airports, ships, hostels, restaurants, farmhouses and various other installations / establishments.
Model No.
AP 150
AP 250
AP 550
AP 750
AP 1000
AP 1500
AP 2000
AP 3000
AP 4000
AP 5000
150 VA
250 VA
550 VA
750 VA
1000 VA
1500 VA
2000 VA
3000 VA
4000 VA
5000 VA
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